Mutants Unwanted- X men

At a time when mutants are Unwanted on this planet by the humans, they have discovered a cure, to make the Mutants human...
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 KittyCat's characters (she can't figure it out)

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PostSubject: KittyCat's characters (she can't figure it out)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:49 pm

Name: Phoebe Laurel
Age: 15
Physical Description: light brown haired, pale, small
Description (what they are like): happy. hyper, talkitive
Mutant Abilities: Manipulates light
Brotherhood, X-men, Student, or..?: Student
Year at Xavier's Institute (if they go): 2
Parents: Emo and Ashley Laurel
Short Summary Of their Life: Grew up in quiet neighborhood, then, her and her sister discovered their powers....
RP Example:
Any extra notes about them:
Twin sister Melanie Laurel
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KittyCat's characters (she can't figure it out)
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