Mutants Unwanted- X men

At a time when mutants are Unwanted on this planet by the humans, they have discovered a cure, to make the Mutants human...
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 A different kind of KASi

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PostSubject: A different kind of KASi   Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:29 pm

Name:Kasi Zazu
Physical Description:blond curlyish hair and brown eyes
Description (what they are like): has a temper adn never smiles much
Mutant Abilities:can shoot water out of her hands and if she gets very angry it will shoot out of her ears
Brotherhood, X-men, Student, or..?: STUDENT
Year at Xavier's Institute (if they go):NOT EVEN ONE
Short Summary Of their Life: she lived with her mom but she treated her to much like a girl so she ran away and then discoverd her powers when the police wouldnt let her out of DH she got there for reasons i will not say
RP Example:i walked around the halls i didnt like it in here but i had no where else to go
Any extra notes about them: dont make her mad Smile)))
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A different kind of KASi
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